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Is Believing In Evolution A Big Deal?

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Recently there was a big debate that splashed across the news between the scientist - Bill Nye, and the creationist – Ken Ham. This was watched by millions of people, and from what I read concerning it, it changed few minds. The question comes up from many who claim to be Christian – does it really matter whether one believes in the literal creation account of the Bible, or whether one believes in evolution? Many will add an addendum that God likely created the world through evolution. That, they conclude, is likely the best and most comfortable answer. This latter idea is called theologically “theistic evolution.” It is comfortable, they say, because it embraces both theories and is therefore reasonably acceptable to the very smart evolutionist, and the convicted creationist. It may be more tolerated by the evolutionist, but trying to compromise Biblical teaching to get along with those in opposition to it is never right. Let me also say, the so – called “very smart” evolutionist may have a very high IQ, but that does not make him either wise or right. Man is in “darkness” according to the Bible, and is finite at his best. The most foolish thing that any of us can do is to place our own mind or someone else’s mind on a pedestal as if they mind were God. No human being is worthy of such a position other than the God-man Christ Jesus. The Scripture states “there is a way that seems right to a man, but the end thereof is the way of death” (Prov 14:12).

Let me first state that since none of us were there when these things concerning the origin of things occurred, either through evolution or a fiat event of creation, we are merely taking sides on things by exercising belief in one or the other. We are either going to believe those who say it came about through evolutionary means, or it came about through creation by a powerful being. Not only is the Bible clear and emphatic that God (Jesus Christ) created all things, and did so in 6 literal 24 hour days, but also the Bible has proven absolutely perfectly true and correct as the Word of God. This has been done by hundreds of prophecies given hundreds, and even thousands of years before actual events. These detailed actual events have been fulfilled perfectly – every single one. There is no mathematical possibility of such a perfect record other than the purposeful action of a sovereign God. This is the same sovereign God who has told us in the same Word that He created the world in 6 literal days.

On the other side is a man, supposedly learned in science, and claiming science is on his side saying in effect the world was created by nothing, over billions of years, and by chance. Yet science by its literal definition is built on observation. This is ironical observation by a creature that has no basis for his own existence or reality outside of a divine act of a Creator. What has this scientist observed? There has never been anything created out of nothing – not one thing. In fact, there has never been one thing already created that has become more complex by time plus chance. How does this time plus chance idea explain the perfection and complexity of the all we see around us? How does oxidation, vaporization, photosynthesis, gravity, temperature, and a million other processes; or better yet life itself explained by such? We know by observation that the “second law of thermodynamics” is real and that nothing is improved upon merely by time without purposeful designed intervention. Instead of improvement, just the opposite takes place – it is called deterioration. That is why all of us have to continually repair our homes. How did the bee and the flower (both requiring each other through pollenosis) come about in billions of years of supposed development from nothing? This issue along with millions of other questions cannot possibly be answered by the foolishness of evolution. Let me say there is no real argument here. The only explanation is what the Bible calls “men loving darkness rather than light” (John 3:19). Paul spoke of this in Romans 1:18-22 where he described that creation can be observed and within man he knows from it there is a glorious Creator; yet, he denies the truth and “suppresses the truth in unrighteousness.” Instead of worshipping and thanking God for “being fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139), man in sin rejects God because man does not naturally want to face the fact that all of us are accountable to this creator God. Anyone seriously desiring to seek the truth under the auspices of true science should check out such literature (scientifically) as from the Creation Research Foundation. It is not unscientific to be a creationist. There you will find that true science can be explained in all of what we observe today only by an act of creation, and not by means of evolution. There is not one argument for evolution that makes even the simplest of what all men in conversation call “common sense.” To put it simply, these blind men are selling people snake oil. Yes, it does come down to a simple matter of belief. Will you believe God, or will you believe an educated fool?

That being said there is something of the highest magnitude to be considered in all this. This is not like deciding on whether you like red or blue the best. There are things associated with your belief that are attached directly to your relationship with God. That is the biggest factor of all, and of the greatest importance. Aside from the so-called facts, which are manipulated and rationalized in the name of science, is the bottom of line of whether you will believe God or believe men who ultimately claim to know better than God? Will you believe the proven and glorious claims of the Word of God, or will you believe a man proudly claiming something that simple reasoning knows is foolish? To have any relationship with God requires faith. Faith comes through believing God through His Word. If we cannot believe everything God states in His Word, then we cannot believe anything God states in His Word. Which will you line up with? Do you think evolution will save you on the day of your death? My dear friend, think on these things and put your confidence in God. As the Scripture says “trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path.” Study God’s Word for yourself, and find in it true wisdom that leads to life. There is complete comfort and substance in following such a path – there is neither in evolutionary theory. God help you to see the truth, and if I can be of any benefit, let me know.


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